Guy Solomon


Guy is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Geospatial Data Science research group at the University of Glasgow. He is currently working on the mathematics of cities, with a particular focus on minority groups.

His work is interdisciplinary in nature; incorporating digital humanities, geography, economic history, and computer science.

Guy has previously held academic positions at The Alan Turing Institute and The Open University, before joining the University of Glasgow in 2023. He earned his PhD from the University of Exeter in 2020. He is currently a member of the GISRUK National Steering Committee.

You can find out more about Guy’s research here:

Living with Machines: On Collaboration
Guy Solomon discusses "stubborn minorities" and accessible transport

selected publications

  1. C&C
    Work and earning in the nineteenth century: Townley Colliery as a case study
    Guy Solomon
    Continuity and Change, 2022
  2. Complexity
    The Mesolevel Economy in Nineteenth-Century England and Wales: Applying Input-Output Accounting and Spatial Interaction Modelling to the Historical Study
    Guy S. Solomon, and Alan G. Wilson
    Complexity, 2024